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Egyps 2022 – Mohamed Barkindo: “OPEC was born in Cairo”

Hend Soliman (Assadakah Cairo) - The birth of Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) was here, said Mohamed Barkindo, OPEC’s Secretary-General in reference to the Egyptian capital Cairo. His remarks were made during an Egyptian tour he made yesterday on the sidelines of his participation in the 5th edition of Egypt Petroleum Show (EGYPS 2022).

“The birth of OPEC was here,” said Barkindo during a visit to Maadi Yacht Club where the "Gentleman's Agreement" which was the foundation of the future OPEC, was signed 60 years ago. According to Barkindo, the unstoppable momentum generated in Cairo had eventually culminated in the foundation of OPEC in Baghdad on 14 September 1960 by the five founding fathers of OPEC: Abdullah al-Tariki of Saudi Arabia; Venezuela’s Juan Pablo Pérez Alfonzo; Fuad Rouhani of Iran; Dr. Tala’at al-Shaibani of Iraq; and Ahmed Sayed Omar of Kuwait. Cairo was therefore the incubator for OPEC, which was delivered in Baghdad a year later, he said.

Barkindo’s tour in Cairo also included the newly-opened National Museum of Civilization, which reflects the greatness of Egypt since the dawn of history and the museum’s use of modern technologies and means of display and interactive screens that give visitors a different and enjoyable experience.

Escorted by an OPEC delegation, Barkindo was also received yesterday by the Grand Imam Ahmed al Tayyib, Sheik al Azhar. “Al Azhar is totally aware of the importance of oil and its important role in achieving progress and prosperity for peoples,” said al Tayyib. “Al Azhar adopts a universal message. It receives 40.000 students from 108 countries worldwide, studying different sciences,” he confirmed.


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